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  • 2024 Dandelions - March April May

    All records verified by A. J. Richards The season started on the 14th March for me 14th March 2024 VC23 Arncott Taraxacum trilobatum SP6110 1801 VC23 Arncott Locn. Grassy Roadside (Unmown) Wide purple petioles with wide wings, hairy, blotched dirty green leaves with large teeth. Terminal lobes with lingulate tip. Bracts long and narrow. Taraxacum angustisquameum SP6100 1812 VC23 Arncott Locn. Grassy Roadside (Unmown) Small and prostrate with small narrow spreading / clawed bracts, dark green some blotching, short acute terminal lobes, deltoid. Taraxacum subhamatum SP6073 1829 VC23 Arncott Locn. Grassy Roadside (Unmown) Robust, unbordered bracts and extenuate pointy tips to the leaves. Doesn’t seem to have any colour to the ligule tips? Taraxacum sellandii SP6094 1820 VC23 Arncott Locn. Grassy Roadside (Unmown) Those hooked lower lobes with big teeth and wide triangular terminal lobes suggest sellandii to me. Young bracts not classic Taraxacum cophocentrum SP6112 1797 VC23 Arncott Locn. Grassy Roadside (Unmown) These leaves were around in February. Bracts aren’t classic 16th March 2024 VC9 Dorset Taraxacum britannicum SZ0277 7915 VC9 Swanage Pavement edge Ligule stripes brown with blackish ends, dark stigmas. Narrow edge to bracts. Taraxacum cornubiense SZ 0287 7916 VC9 Swanage Under hedgerows There were some pale plants and mid green plants – I put this down to age / soil condition. I was expecting more red on the stripes and ligule tips but none of them seemed to have that – ligule stripes were brown so perhaps that comes with age. Achenes had cones and bracts spreading / arcuate rather than erect. Petioles green and midribs purple threaded Taraxacum leucopodum SZ 0286 7916 VC9 Swanage Under hedgerows I found this species in quite a few places. It had remarkably long twisted, multidirectional, interwoven bracts. The petioles were white with long broad wings, green midribs. The leaves were bright green, highly crisped and lateral leaf lobes multidirectional, toothed and lecerate and some with linear processes that expanded at the end Terminal lobes were also pretty much heterphyllous with long lingulate tip Taraxacum lamprophyllum SZ 0305 7920 VC9 Swanage Unmown park Large bordered bracts Taraxacum hamiferum SZ 0300 7921 VC9 Swanage Unmown park Small Hamata with very hooked regular lobes 'Wing-nuts' and clearly bordered bracts Taraxacum hamatum SZ 0270 7899 VC9 Swanage Pavement edge Unbordered erect spreading bracts 17th March 2024 VC5 Somerset Taraxacum stenacrum (no pollen) ST47320 18323 VC5 Stoke-sub-Hamdon Garage forecourt grassy area Section Stenacra with no pollen but could be due to the weather Taraxacum atrocollinum ST 2466 1595 VC5 Staple Hill Car Park and lots around this area Pollen plentiful, dark styles, 3-4 lateral lobes, glabrous. Long ovate narrowly bordered bracts Ligule stripes pale grey lower, brown distal Taraxacum marklundii ST 2465 1596 VC5 Staple Hill Car Park Taraxacum subhamatum ST 2463 1598 VC5 Staple Hill Car Park Interlobes blotched and narrow lobes seem bordered Taraxacum acutifrons ST 2466 1600 VC5 Staple Hill Car Park Buds looked Hamata but has smudged midrib edges and green/white petioles Taraxacum amicorum ST 2352 2444 VC5 Taunton Churchyard Frequent in this churchyard and along the pavement! Taraxacum sahlinianum ST 2354 2446 VC5 Taunton Churchyard A young plant 22nd March 2024 VC23 Arncott & Ambrosden Taraxacum coartatum SP 6114 1797 VC23 Arncott Roadside verge Reddish tips to inner florets and inner petioles pink Taraxacum intumescens SP 610 180 VC23 Arncott Roadside verge Taraxacum insigne SP 6110 1802 VC23 Arncott Roadside verge Taraxacum planum SP 6099 1812 VC23 Arncott Pavement edge Mid-dark green leaves and the lobes are quite extreme Taraxacum sublaeticolor SP 6098 1815 VC23 Arncott Pavement edge Group Alatum with some forward pointing lobes, narrow winged petioles and a single subdivision in end lobe. Taraxacum longisquameum SP 6092 1824 VC23 Arncott Pavement edge Sagittate lobes Taraxacum dilaceratum SP 6084 1832 VC23 Arncott Pavement edge Humped and lobe doubling – only a little hairy. Prostrate rosette Taraxacum aequilobum SP 6054 1919 22/3/2024 VC23 Ambrosden Roadside verge Twisted bracts 23rd March 2024 VC23 Bicester Taraxacum horridifrons SP 5718 2117 VC23 Bicester Village Park & Ride Unmown roadside verge Broad Alata lobes and hairy leaves. Some lobes are doubled Taraxacum pannulatiforme SP 5719 2118 VC23 Bicester Village Park & Ride Unmown roadside verge Dark green, no colour in petioles, crisped slight blotching to interlobes Taraxacum boekmanii SP 5719 2118 VC23 Bicester Village Park & Ride Unmown roadside verge Possibly the most numerous species at this location still a lot of young plants Taraxacum acutifrons SP 5720 2119 VC23 Bicester Village Park & Ride Unmown roadside verge Can look mid green. Bracts are triangular green above (not pruinose) – really distinctive. Distant lateral lobes with broad / humped base to long narrow processes – acute tip. Crisped blotched interlobes. Terminal lobe long / pointed lingulate with some subdivision. Long green winged petioles Taraxacum interveniens SP 5720 2120 VC23 Bicester Village Park & Ride Unmown roadside verge Onion spire lobes - Noticing this is quite an early species. Taraxacum sublongisquameum SP 5720 2119 VC23 Bicester Village Park & Ride Unmown roadside verge Those incredible bracts and sagittate lobes 27th March 2024 VC23 Bicester Taraxacum undulatiflorum SP 5911 2118 VC23 Bicester Graven Hill Roundabout Grassy verge Similar to T chloroticum but lateral lobes not pointed enough Taraxacum spiculatum SP 5911 2119 VC23 Bicester Graven Hill Roundabout Grassy verge Its Hamata Taraxacum densilobum SP 5914 2117 VC23 Bicester Graven Hill Roundabout Grassy verge There were two adjacent plants - this is the better one Taraxacum hamatiforme SP 5914 2117 VC23 Bicester Graven Hill Roundabout Grassy verge Bright purple midrib and petioles. Distant narrow shiny lateral lobes cut to the midrib 30th March 2024 VC34 Bristol Went over to Bristol for a few hours and met up with Dylan Peters. Everything was very well grown here. Maybe go mid March next year Taraxacum incisum ST 5614 7448 VC34 Bristol Roadside grassy verge Taraxacum pallidipes ST 5615 7446 VC34 Bristol Roadside grassy verge No bract borders and no colour to petioles Sagittate lobes and spreading narrow bracts Taraxacum huelphersianum ST 5613 7448 VC34 Bristol Roadside grassy verge Broad stellate dumpy bracts and ‘Poirot moustache’ lobes. Erect plant Taraxacum speciosiflorum ST 6105 7523 VC34 Bristol Tesco carpark Not quite right for T hepaticum. Jagged occasional indents to broad terminal lobes first caught my eye. Bordered bracts No pollen!!! There was quite a large group of plants here Taraxacum lingulatum ST 6125 7524 VC34 Bristol Edge of Park – unmown Pale green reflexed bracts, unblotched interlobes, purple tinted midribs and pale petioles Taraxacum longisquameum ST 6126 7524 VC34 Bristol Edge of Park – unmown Small mid/dark green decumbent plant Taraxacum subexpallidum ST 61264 75243 30/03/2024 VC34 Bristol Edge of Park – unmown Sub-divided end lobes and greenish unwinged petioles and sigmoid bracts Taraxacum amplum ST 61336 75211 30/03/2024 VC34 Bristol Edge of Park – unmown Distinctly winged petioles. Bordered reflexed bracts very distinctive Taraxacum multicolorans ST 5897 7663 VC34 Bristol Roadside verge ‘nature reserve’ Dylan took me to see this splendid plant. A few others growing there. 1st April 2024 VC23 Bicester Taraxacum huelphersianum SP 6110 1796 VC23 Arncott Edge of my driveway! and a VC23 tick for me Been watching this for a while 4th April 2024 VC23 Bicester Taraxacum exacutum SP 5891 2089 VC23 Bicester - Graven Hill Edge of pavement Got excited about this being T mimulum but bracts broad stellate and end lobes more sagittate than diamond 7th April 2024 VC28 Norfolk Taraxacum oxoniense TF 8908 4489 VC28 Holkham beach sand dunes Edge of sandy track I’d forgotten how big and striking these can get. This was typical of the plants in the dunes and probably the most frequent species Taraxacum lacistophyllum TF 8908 4492 VC28 Holkham beach sand dunes Edge of sandy track Classic shaped leaf with long ligules and curled bracts. Taraxacum fulviforme TF 8908 4492 VC28 Holkham beach sand dunes Edge of sandy track No Pollen. Spade shaped terminal (acute subdivision) lobes with 3-4 lobes. Bracts spreading with fine border. Lateral lobes hooked back with acute tips – entire. Narrow green petiole unwinged (narrow parallel wing) some pink Taraxacum lambinonii TF 8904 4501 VC28 Holkham beach sand dunes Sand dune grass This was a common form on the dunes with a more neutral purple / pink petiole and reflexed lateral lobes. No pollen, obtuse tips to lateral lobes Taraxacum inopinatum TF 8910 4508 VC28 Holkham beach sand dunes Sand dune grass Nice to find this. About 5 plants in front of a rabbit burrow. No pollen Taraxacum brachyglossum TF 8910 4508 VC28 Holkham beach sand dunes Sand dune grass Next to the inopinatum several rosettes. Lovely to see these perfect plants with their purple arched /recurved bracts and delicate symmetrical dark green leaves. Normally stunted Taraxacum fulvum TF 89111 45125 VC28 Holkham beach sand dunes Sand dune grass No pollen. Several plants, bracts unbordered and erect / spreading. Stigmas very dark and brownish ligule stripes. Not typical Taraxacum lambinonii TF 8911 4512 VC28 Holkham beach sand dunes Sand dune grass Narrower patent lobes. No pollen Taraxacum falcatum TF 8911 4512 VC28 Holkham beach sand dunes Sand dune grass Lateral lobes very long and curled – narrow then thicken. Some double lobing. Petioles green, short unwinged. Some terminal lobes triangular " 'British falcatum' Danish stuff has coloured petioles but it is v similar. Look in Sandmaskrosor" AJR pers com. 12th April 2014  VC23 Wendlebury Mead Taraxacum subbracteatum SP 5636 1747 VC23 Nr Wendlebury Species rich ridge/furrow meadow Lobe doubling and unbordered bracts Taraxacum subundulatum SP 5640 1765 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow A Mead species Taraxacum oellgaardii SP 5640 1765 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow A typical example Taraxacum marklundii SP 5640 1765 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow This is the ‘common’ unbordered Hamata in the meadow. Dull bluish green leaves with dentate distal edge Taraxacum fulgidum SP 564 176 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow Typical ‘good’ plant – had to be photograped. Numerous in the meadow. I like the way it always has one bract that stays erect, bluish leaves and muscly lobes. What I’m seeing is that the later leaves tend to develop more of a rounded end lobe and deeper purple petioles Taraxacum bracteatum SP 5643 1767 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow Erect bracts and dark green leaves with broad triangular lateral lobes. I don’t think I’ve recorded bracteatum here Taraxacum excellens SP 5643 1767 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow End lobe is triangular Taraxacum diastematicum SP 5646 1766 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow Long , pinkish and recurved bracts. Purple petioles with narrow green wing.  Does have diamond shaped terminal lobes and some double lobing. Scape doesn’t seem to fit the leaves so a bigger plant out of the Meads. Taraxacum sublaeticolor SP 564 176 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow Quite a few in the ‘good’ areas so feels like a Mead native.  Pollen plentiful. Spreading (sub-erect) recurved bracts Petioles white / Green unwinged, Midribs whitish but often a little staining (maybe disease) Glabrous leaves very noteworthy as is the broad humped lobes Also an subdivided spade shaped (acute tipped) end lobe Taraxacum anglicum SP 5646 1766 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow Apple shaped, glabrous edged, unbordered dark green bracts. Yellow stigmas with pollen Taraxacum palustre SP 5649 1766 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow Note a more pink than red (anglicum) tone to the scape colour. Taraxacum tamesense SP 5652 1770 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow A well developed plant with blotched interlobes, Dark green leaves. Bracts (like fulgidum) always seem to keep a couple sub-erect Taraxacum akteum SP 5652 1770 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow Had to be lurking somewhere. Taraxacum valens SP 5650 1765 VC23 Wendlebury Mead Species rich water meadow Dark broad bordered bracts on the bud, triangular end lobe and a tooth on the lower lateral lobes. Typical Mead species Taraxacum ancistrolobum SP 5603 1666 VC23 Nr Wendlebury Grassy verge to track 14th April 2024 Norfolk A day out with Russell Ness and Simon Pavlou (Pav) Taraxacum acutifidum TL 8806 8327 VC28 Thetford Pavement edge Has 4+/- lateral lobes.  Triangular terminal lobe, leaves dark-green patent Taraxacum exacutum TL 8802 8326 VC28 Thetford Pavement edge Narrow wings on some petioles. Taraxacum parnassicum TL 9557 8068 VC28 Knettishall Picnic Area Grass patch next to car park. Sub-obtuse mid green. No pollen and short/mid-length ligules (hooded). Arcuate bracts with narrow border Taraxacum aff. rubicundum TL 9557 8068 VC28 Knettishall Picnic Area Grass patch next to car park "Something Special" Bracts are erect on these plants and underside border to bracts broad. distinct and ligules long with very dark stripes. Scapes glabrous, pollen present Taraxacum fulvum TL 9557 8072 VC28 Knettishall Picnic Area Grass patch next to car park No pollen Taraxacum scanicum TL 9558 8067 VC28 Knettishall Picnic Area Grass patch next to car park Long lingulate end lobe (subdivided). Pollen present Taraxacum polyodon TL 9548 8071 VC28 Knettishall Picnic Area Under Pines next to car park Tiny stunted plants seem to be numerous in these habitats Taraxacum tortilobum TL 9557 8068 VC28 Knettishall Picnic Area Grass patch next to car park 3 plants were found. Arachnoid-hairy plants with dark purple petioles and midribs. Very distinctive contorted leaf shape and twisted long teeth. The lateral lobes are very broad based and ligule stripes are brownish. Pollen present but sparse Taraxacum fulvum TL 9549 8066 VC28 Knettishall Picnic Area Grass patch next to car park No pollen. Same as plants on Holkham dunes 14th April 2024 Suffolk Taraxacum scanicum TL 8000 7051 VC26 Lackford Lakes Edge of entrance road Long subdivided lingulate end lobes. Bracts pale green, straight, erect/spreading, clear border and more linear edges Taraxacum lambinonii TL 8000 7051 VC26 Lackford Lakes Edge of entrance road Again! This plant lacked pollen and had erect ovate bracts. Taraxacum glauciniforme TL 7999 7057 VC26 Lackford Lakes Edge of car park No pollen, stigmas yellow, petioles purple with narrow wings. Taraxacum rubicundum TL 7883 7153 VC26 Ramparts Field Short rabbit grazed heath Scape is glabrous and ligules quite long. Bracts erect. Ligule stripes are brownish. Pollen is plentiful (we get that in the UK) Taraxacum lacistophyllum TL 7879 7151 VC26 Ramparts Field Short rabbit grazed heath Very elongated lobes similar to falcatum. On top of rabbit burrow so maybe enriched. Taraxacum brachyglossum TL 768 733 VC26 Icklingham Short rabbit grazed heath Broad short terminal lobes, falcate acute lateral lobes, mid / dark green leaves. Upper bract edges are distinctly fine bordered on this population. Pollen plentiful 19th April 2024 VC22 Frilford Taraxacum brachyglossum SU 4667 9967 VC22 Cothill Sandy grass (nature reserve) Pollen plentiful, stigmas discoloured Ligule stripes purple/brown, tips and top edges smudged purple and pinched Bracts pale green purple, broad arcuate lower, narrow arcuate recurved mid, unbordered. Hairy scape Mid/dark green flat leaf – prox. edge curled up with tooth Acute tipped sagittate triangular lateral lobes Taraxacum altissimum SU 4681 9963 VC22 Cothill Grassy path edge Leaves mid-green. Plant erect, inner leaves with long indented triangular terminal lobe Long narrow winged petioles Bracts do have a slightly darker edge to them Taraxacum curtifrons SU 4686 9951 VC22 Cothill Grassy path edge Taraxacum obtusifrons SU 4680 9935 VC22 Cothill Sandy grass (nature reserve) Not very bright Taraxacum quadrans SU 4610 9978 VC22 Cothill Edge of marsh area With its regular lobes and matt blue green unblotched leaves. Bracts with +/- border Taraxacum angustisquameum SU 46073 99827 VC22 Cothill Edge of marsh area It’s a young plant - bracts are very pale greyish green and lateral lobes on older leaves are long and sagittate. Maybe a young T acroglossum Taraxacum falcatum SU 4383 9793 VC22 Frilford Edge of golf course Determined from specimen at BSBI workshop – photos not great Taraxacum dilatatum SU 4375 9799 VC22 Frilford Edge of golf course Taraxacum fulvum SU 43835 97951 VC22 Frilford Edge of golf course No pollen and regular triangular lateral lobes 4th May 2024 VC61 Spurn Taraxacum pannulatum TA 4167 1537 VC61 Kilnsea Edge of car park – sandy grassland Slightly hairy and some large end lobes also a large erect plant. Bracts are not long enough for procerisquameum Taraxacum fulviforme TA 4192 1499 VC61 Kilnsea Sand dune grassland Pollen absent Taraxacum speciosiflorum TA 4199 1484 VC61 Kilnsea Sand dune grassland Pollen absent! Yellowish stigmas Ligules involute, red teeth Bracts reflexed narrow recurved violet pruinose above Petioles unwinged / narrow winged, purple, hairy Sagittate lateral lobes Taraxacum trilobatum SE 4158 5031 VC64 Wetherby Service station verge 5th May 2024 VC70 Cumbria Taraxacum olgae NY 283 595 VC70 Drumburgh Coastal grassland A selection of spotty and blotched plants with narrow green erect bracts Taraxacum naevosiforme NY 2839 5953 VC70 Drumburgh Coastal grassland Its dark greyish green and hairy! and the bracts are spreading and sub-erect. The slugs had nibbled all the ligules tips off! Taraxacum hamiferum NY 283 595 VC70 Drumburgh Coastal grassland Pollen present.  Stigmas not very dark, +/-bordered bracts, bluish green. Doing an impression of a Celtica Taraxacum pseudolarsonii NY 098 513 VC70 Silloth Beach / edge of sand dunes Occasional plants all along the dunes Taraxacum pannulatum NY 09667 50859 VC70 Silloth Beach / edge of sand dunes Extenuate terminal lobe and bracts spreading – recurved violet above with slight border.  Petioles pale outers, pink inners Taraxacum euryphyllum NY 098 513 VC70 Silloth Beach / edge of sand dunes Occasional plants all along the dunes Taraxacum longisquameum NY 0987 5158 VC70 Silloth Sand dunes Shocking purple +/- unwinged petioles and dark interlobe blotches. Acute tipped end lobe Taraxacum pietii-oosterveldii NY 0999 5170 VC70 Silloth Sand dunes Scapes and leaves very hairy – only one of leaves has forward pointing lateral lobes Taraxacum haworthianum NY 1002 5161 VC70 Silloth Sand dunes A few plants present Midribs hairy and some purple, lateral lobes slightly hooked. Achenes are dark purple. The reddish/violet ligule stripes and putple/red ligule teeth (inner too) Appressed bordered bracts with dark purple corniculate tips Taraxacum sublaeticolor NY 0998 5161 VC70 Silloth Sand dunes Has pollen had long ligules with pale violet-grey stripes. Bracts were striking green sub-erect! globrous scapes and leaves Taraxacum duplidentifrons NY 1710 3131 VC70 Cockermouth Edge of woods Pollen present, hairy with dark ligule tips Taraxacum hamatum NY 1700 3131 VC70 Cockermouth Edge of woods Pollen present, purple midribs, dark spreading (older) erect (younger flower) bracts. Proximal edge to lateral lobes convex - 'rather typical' Taraxacum sagittipotens NY 1707 3129 VC70 Cockermouth Edge of woods Homophyllous pale green leaves. Bracts are narrow 18th May 2024 Hereford Taraxacum palustrisquameum SO 3796 5796 VC36 Moseley Common Marsh, river flood meadow The wettest part of the meadow Still had clock and old involucre (less advanced than other Taraxacum). Little apiculate tips to side lobes. Taraxacum chlorofrugale SO379 579 VC36 Moseley Common Marsh, river flood meadow The most abundant dandelion in the meadow, hundreds of plants all ‘clocked’.

  • 2023 Brecon Beacons Hawkweeds - June/July

    A trip with my cousin Tim, 26th June 2023 Our first stop was Fan Nedd. We parked where the Cambrian Way crosses the road and followed the Wall West. Checking for Hieracium breconicola I was initially excited to see 8 plants in flower. On closer inspection I realized that these were section Vulgata – keying to Hieracium anglorum with slightly discoloured styles, and spidery medium simple hairs on the peduncles We found 3[4] Hieracium breconicola leaf rosettes, one of which with buds that was about 2 weeks away from flowering with numerous simple hairs Below were 4 small Hieracium inspissatum with spotted leaves We headed off to Nedd Glen – Along the crag at SN8303417257 we found plants section Stelligera with some cordate base leaves – one plant still having a recently closed flower. A Stelligera plant further along with very ‘aqua’ coloured leaves had a stronger toothed leaf but this may have been a different species and had no flower heads remaining. This is a Stelligera with short <11mm bracts, no spots, glabrous upper surface cordate leaves and what looks like stellate hairs underneath the leaf. The plants were a little too late to key At the same site there was a numerous plant maybe from section Oreadea with numerous simple hairs, and hairy attenuate based leaves and discoloured styles. This plant keys closely to Hieracium pusillifolium (bracts are larger) which has been extinct for almost 100 years. For the moment we are calling it Hieracium aff. pusillifolium / deganwyense. A specimen is with Tim Rich and being compared to other specimens. After review this potentially new species is thought to be closer to H deganwyense as it shares the same bulbous based upper leaf hairs. Off to Sgwd Ddu waterfall SN82951797 where there were about 80 Hieracium linguans – 2 plants on the North side of the falls. These had really long (finger like) ligule teeth We had a look for Hieracium apheles at Penderyn but could only find by the pool - only Hieracium argillaceum Looking further downstream on 9th July I found Hieracium apheles and also an unfamiliar (broad leaved) rosette with emerging stem with lots of simple hairs on the bracts and peduncle After a trek up and down Pen-y-fan where we could see Hieracium attenboroughianum in flower on Crybin - eres some shots from last year We ended the day at SN97342038 near the Storey Arms looking at Hieracium cacuminum (also Hieracium argillaceum here) probably about 25 plants. We paid our respects at our grandad's gravestone in Llanfaes, Brecon At the Storey Arms in July there were a few Hieracium substrigosum down by the bridge all with very hairs bracts and small teeth to the narrow elliptical leaves On the crags above SN9703520662 I found an old section Stelligera that was probably Hieracium siluriense but I will have to return another year to confirm and here are some shots of Hieracium leyanum with their stylose flower along the road below I found a strange plant along the Mellte SN9264111606 with too many simple hairs and too few stellate hairs to be argillaceum. Unfortunately all of the leaves had been eaten

  • 2023 Dandelions

    All records verified by A. J. Richards 2nd March - Bicester VC23 Off to an early start with Taraxacum pseudohamatum section Hamata, Bordered pale, pruinose, wide bracts. These were growing in the centre of Bicester. 21st March - Buckingham VC24 Habt. Roundabout (5 years old) 1. Taraxacum laticordatum SP6815 3345 Section Undulata Petioles narrower than undulatum 2. Taraxacum psedohamatum SP6815 3346 Bordered bracts and orange tips to inner ligules 3. Taraxacum maculatum SP6815 3346 Taraxacum maculatum with purple petioles, lacerated multidirectional lobes and heavy blotching. 5. Taraxacum intumescens SP6815 3345 6. Taraxacum coartatum SP6815 3345 Long narrow deltoid lateral lobes. AJR:T.cordatum is much more elegant. 7. Taraxacum intumescens POSSIBLE SP6815 3345 Dark edged midrib and that spiked arch to the lateral lobes AJR:robably intumescens again (early end-lobes) although tending to acutifrons.Not sellandii. 8. Taraxacum longisquameum SP6815 3345 Dinky little member of the maculata group 9. Taraxacum lepidum SP6815 3345 Cant place these claw bracts anywhere other than lepidum. 10. Taraxacum hepaticum SP6815 3346 Rounded subdivisions to the end lobes and distant lateral lobes. AJR:Note petioles all purple. 11. Taraxacum sublongisquameum SP6818 3346 Bracts broad ruff, very blotched interlobes think group Piceata 23rd March - Burnham VC24 Habt. Urban road / footpath verge Miserable weather 01.Taraxacum aequilobum SU9258 8095 Even pale/mid green lobes and twisted bracts, pink inner petioles 02. Taraxacum hepaticum SU9333 8123 Shady pavement edge - this seems quite different to the hepaticum you determined on the 21st so not sure (although that one was well developed and out in the open).Glossy dark leaves, purple unwinged petioles and acute tipped terminal lobes 04. Taraxacum coartatum SU9336 8126 Broad, quite hairy, contiguous lobes and quite dark green! Purple winged petioles and bracts are not really that broad. 05. Taraxacum aequilobum SU9336 8126 06. Taraxacum pallidipes SU9337 8114 Group crodeiflora, flat leaves and pale midribs 07. Taraxacum trilobatum SU9337 8114 Dark green, dentate and blotched lobes with sheathed petiole bases and narrow bracts 08. Taraxacum laciniosifrons SU9340 8102 Large plant with teeth on both edges of fat multidirectional lobes 09. Taraxacum obliquilobum SU9340 8102 Large long deltoid lateral lobes and long straight in-rolled narrow bracts 10. Taraxacum interveniens SU9340 8102 Dark green, narrow (pale) purple unwinged lobes. Similar to hepaticum. Onion spire terminal lobes 26th March - Brackley VC32 Habt. Urban roadside Cold day 7°C overcast – nothing opened 1. Taraxacum boekmanii SP5914 3739 2. Taraxacum oblongatum SP5914 3739 Short bractswith purple stripe down the centre 3. Taraxacum intumescens SP5914 3739 A fat one with a brown midrib 4. Taraxacum trilobatum SP5841 3624 Getting robust - broad petioles and dark teeth on the interlobes 5. Taraxacum exsertiforme SP5841 3624 No flowers open – we couldn’t see pollen on splitting flower heads. 6. Taraxacum interveniens SP5841 3624 Dark leaves with onion spires 7. Taraxacum exsertiforme SP5841 3624 A little different to the one I had a few days earlier. 8. Taraxacum subxanthostigma SP5841 3624 30th March - Bicester VC23 Kingsmere bypass 01. Taraxacum longisquameum Grid SP5642 2205 Acute subdivisions to the helmet shaped terminal lobes. Spaced lobes with blotched teeth. 02. Taraxacum sublongisquameum Grid SP5642 2205 Broad ruff of bracts and slight midrib colour / edging 03. Taraxacum logisquameum Grid SP5642 2209 Acute tipped terminal lobes. Crisped leaves and long pale bracts 06. Taraxacum hamatum Grid SP5642 2205 This is section hamata with dark inky tipped buds with erect bracts (no rudimentary) 08. Taraxacum incisum Grid SP5632 2207 Adjacent plants that don’t seem to have threaded midribs which are purple. 09. Taraxacum dilaceratum Grid SP5642 2205 There were quite a few of these around. Oblong spreading bracts 10. Taraxacum coartatum Grid SP5642 2205 11. Taraxacum latens Grid SP5631 2220 Bright pink petioles and reflexed straight bracts. Also sharp sub-divisions on the terminal lobes 12. Taraxacum cophocentrum Grid SP5631 2220 Large plant with large rounded terminal lobes. Narrow purple bracts 13. Taraxacum hepaticum Grid SP5642 2209 Bright pink unwinged / narrow petioles. Unblotched. Bracts slightly reflexed 14. Taraxacum leptodon Grid SP5639 2210 Similar but less chunky. No wings and pink petioles. 30th March - TenTen Bridge Bicester VC23 01 Taraxacum exacutum Grid SP5719 2388 Dark leaves, distant lobes with sigmoid shape Love the shape of the terminal lobes on this. AJR: all petioles coloured and not hairy 02. Taraxacum hepaticum Grid SP5719 2388 All of the petioles are very purple 03. Taraxacum vastisectum Grid SP5719 2388 Not found in VC23 before 2nd April - A41 Bicester VC23 Busy road new roundabout Dark stigmas was due to road pollution rather than biology? Also not much pollen visible – could be rain, wind etc. 02. Taraxacum longisquameum Grid SP5963 2077 A healthier one. Common along this stretch. 03. Taraxacum sublongisquameum Grid SP5963 2077 Brownish midrib and lateral smudging 04. Taraxacum hamatiforme Grid SP5972 2074 This does seem to have asymmetry on the fresh leaves and a rudimentary bract. But some bracts are a +/- bordered. 05. Taraxacum chloroticum Grid SP5972 2074 Narrow reflexed bracts 06. Taraxacum severum Grid SP5974 2071 There were a few of these – Noticeable immediately by their hairiness and dirty dark green colour. Purple petioles and toothed blotched / edged interlobes. Heterophyllous with long end-lobe sharp subdivision. This was probably the most ‘gross’ example (the first one I came across) and a few more along the road verge. No pollen – but thats the weather. 07. Taraxacum coartatum Grid SP5974 2071 Narrowly winged pink petioles and pudgy lateral lobes 08. Taraxacum exacutum Grid SP5979 2066 Homophyllous. Bracts are narrow. Blotched interlobes. 09. Taraxacum pannulatum Grid SP5979 2066 This plant was right on the curb so dirty (may be masking true colour) Has large long spreading recurved bracts no border 12. Taraxacum boekmanii Grid SP5981 2064 Trying to get some good shots of this common dandy 13. Taraxacum hepaticum Grid SP5985 2064 Lots growing here in a lush grassy patch. Bracts reflexed. Leaves quite grey-green, standing tall and stems not very purple but don’t know what to call this. Doesn’t seem to have pollen. Only 2-3 lobes 14. taraxacum pannulatum Not a great specimen 5th April Bicester VC23 Grassy road verge 01. Taraxacum acutifidum (nigridentans was close but no smudged inner ligules) Grid SP5717 2389 Small homophyllous triangular subdivided terminal lobes. Dark green leaves. I’m not familiar with nigridentans. AJR: is either acutifidum or nigridentatum and in the end I have gone for acutifidum because I can't see dark smudges on ligules. A difficult one. It is v crisped and has dark interlobes. O2. Taraxacum pallescens Grid SP5717 2388 Was originally thinking Piceata – but no edging to midrib. Gp Alata with obtuse bracts and long broad petiole wings. 4-6 lateral lobes 03. Taraxacum ekmanii Grid SP5716 2388 No red apices to ligule tips and lateral lobes a little sharp. Bracts don’t look that long too 04 Taraxacum longisquameum Grid SP5717 2394 This has perfect spreading recurved long narrow pale bracts, blotched interlobes. Petioles are not all purple. A really splendid plant. 05. Taraxacum degelii Grid SP5716 2395 Very distinctive - bordered curled bracts section Erythrosperma AJR: is a real surprise and goes to show that with dandelions anything might turn up, and that they can be v plastic. It is an Erythrosperm, grown large in good soil as can happen. 7th April Burnham VC24 and Arncott VC 23 2 from my village the rest from Bucks VC24 Road verge (A4) Some Erythrosperma are growing near my house! 01. Taraxacum fulvum Grass verge Arncott VC23 Oxon SP6116 1791 NO pollen – narrow slightly bordered spreading recurved bracts. 3-5 lateral lobes. I’ve put this in a glass of water to get the achenes. Lucky to find this morning – the grass was cut later. I think there are more nearby in a safe area. O2. Taraxacum oxoniense SP6118 1770 Ovate appressed lobes, purple petioles, no pollen O3. Taraxacum exacutum SU9253 8108 Road verge – Burnham Bucks Long extended terminal lobe, blotched interlobes O4. Taraxacum rhamphoides SU9252 8108 Group Pannulata. Forward pointing lateral lobes and bordered bracts O5. Taraxacum tumentilobum SU9256 8114 Group Piceata. Spaced patent lobes O6. Taraxacum pulchrifolium SU9254 8117 Unwinged purple petioles large spreading semi-erect bracts, forward upward pointing lateral lobes Acuminate terminal lobes. I think they mowed this area about a month ago but didn’t make too much impact O7. Taraxacum leptodon SU9279 8106 Pale green ascending leaves. Bright pink midribs and unwinged petioles, short bordered bracts End lobes too pointed for sinuatum. Superficially like hepaticum but a quite different colour. O8. Taraxacum intumescens SU9279 8106 Ligule stripes are quite dark. Spaced patent lobes O9. Taraxacum sublaeticolor SU9297 8102 Violet bracts even in bud, sigmoid recurved. Acute lateral lobes. Not Piceata and not cucullate. 10. Taraxacum pulchrifolium SU9294 8100 A more robust example of 06. I’ve not seen this species before and seems to be common here. 8th April - Walk with the Chiltern Botanical Group, Village of Speen VC24 O1. Taraxacum subhamatum SU8904 9980 We started with an introduction to the sections and Andy MvVeigh brought a great selection in pots! (macrolobum, amarellum, inane, pietii-oosterveldii, tortilobum … ) He didn’t have a Hamata so we plucked one from where we were standing as an example. Orange tips to ligule teeth and unbordered bracts. O2. Taraxacum undulatum SU8408 9978 Broad recurved lobes, broad petioles and waxy curled leaves. Thin looking bracts so I think we keyed laticordatum at the time O3. Taraxacum lunare? SU8406 9975 We thought this had wings and narrow bracts so hit a dead end keying. Probably group Croceiflora - lunare O4. Taraxacum oellgaardii? SU8414 9966 This one threw me – Unblotched flat leaves with short (9-10mm) spreading sub-erect recurved slightly bordered bracts, pollen and dark tips to the inner ligules! Dark stigmas and a deep red midrib. Hairy scape and midribs. (I collected the specimen) O5. Taraxacum pallidipes SU8414 996 Gp Croceiflora. Narrow bracts - long broad terminal leaf lobes O6. Taraxacum dudmanianum SU8399 9973 We went for dudmanianum due to rounded acuminate terminal lobes, clawed bracts and broad recurved(very noticeable) side lobes. O9. Taraxacum cophocentrum SU8414 9919 A runt cophocentrum because of the longer terminal lobe and narrow bracts. It was on the side of a footpath – so compacted ground. 10. Taraxacum spiculatum SU8413 9942 Was going down the incisum road but then realised the midribs were strongly purple/green threaded! and some bracts do appear to be bordered. Ligules striped brown but tips on inner florets NOT tipped dark. There are 2 adjacent plants photographed. 11. Taraxacum pannucium SU8413 9943 Pale green, unblotched. Long extenuate terminal lobes. Bracts are quite narrow? 12. Taraxacum trilobatum? - aberrant (2n=48) SP7059 0695 VC23 Thame Garage Broad petioles, sheathed and crisped dark toothed interlobes 13. Taraxacum macranthoides SP7059 0695 VC23 Thame Garage Gp Pannulata - Pollen plentiful – large capitula and bracts. 'Classic' 14 Taraxacum proximum SP6119 1766 VC23 Arncott Back in my village 13th April - Wendlebury Mead VC23 O1. Taraxacum anglicum / palustre SP564 176 Frequent in more marshy spots - Broad bordered for anglicum / narrow for palustre - will need to check these a little more next year O2. Taraxacum anglicum SP564 176 Frequent – a good year 03. Taraxacum subundulatum SP564 176 Frequent 04. Taraxacum fulgidum SP5649 1763 1-2 lateral lobes. Greyish green. Blotched interlobes. Ligule tips/teeth dusky. Winged petioles. 05. Taraxacum excellens SP5649 1763 Mid green, 5 lateral lobes, some doubling. Bud bracts slightly cupped O7. Taraxacum tamesense Dark green, blotched interlobes (forward curved) 10. Taraxacum akteum SP5654 1766 Pollen present, long greenish petioles, 2-4 long triangular lateral lobes 17th April - Ambrosden O1. Taraxacum ancistrolobum SP6074 1842 Lower Arncott roadside O2. Taraxacum diastematicum SP6087 1866 Arncott Mead SSSI Species rich grassland All purple petioles very narrowly green winged Distant humped lateral lobes and rounded subdivisions to terminal lobes. This is mead habitat (near the edge) and everything is a little small. O3. Taraxacum pannucium SP6061 1914 Rough unmown edge of town grass O4. Taraxacum speciosiflorum SP6059 1921 Rough unmown edge of town grass NO POLLEN I found this last year and noticed it had no pollen but it had gone a bit gross and put it down to environmental reasons. But it really does seem to lack pollen It fits well with speciosiflorum other than the petioles are only slightly pink (mainly whitish) with some petioles that dull brownish colour. Homophyllous leaves The flower heads are very ‘pom-pom’ probably due to short broad bracts Capitula about 6cm diameter. Other adjacent plants (lots of gross stuff looking like altissum/severum ) had plentiful pollen O6. Taraxacum subundulatum SP6072 1867 Country lane adjacent to mead Numerous along the lane side. Wanted to get some shots of non-mead plants 19th April - Pixey Mead VC23 O1. Taraxacum bracteatum SP4835 0943 Erect bracts green/purple, purple midrib O2. Taraxacum anglicum SP484 097 Very numerous especially in damper areas – a good year and a great location for it O3. Taraxacum fulgidum SP4841 0971 I call think of this as the greyer – longer terminal lobe form – probably older leaves. Younger plants and some at other meadows (oxford parks) more round terminal lobes. O4. Taraxacum haematicum SP4851 0986 Intense purple pink petioles with spreading bracts. Distant lateral lobes with some sub-division O5. Taraxacum fulgidum SP485 1000 Blotched interlobes and rounded terminal lobes O6. Taraxacum fulgidum SP485 1000 More of the same. Blotched interlobes and rounded terminal lobes 07. Taraxacum akteum SP4833 0990 O8. Taraxacum fulgidum SP485 100 More fulgidum with very bright ligule stripes O9. Taraxacum amplum SP4855 0990 No Hamata have a bit sagittate end-lobe like that Section Taraxacum with bordered bracts - toothed proximal edged to lateral lobes 26th April - Ambrosden O7. Taraxacum cordatum SP6065 1864 Country lane adjacent to mead Pretty - white outer, pink inner Ekmania. O8. Taraxacum sublaeticolor SP6072 1864 Country lane adjacent to mead Alata group. Sigmoid oblong bracts, green petioles with narrow wings. Large inner terminal lobe with a subdivision O9. Taraxacum necessarium SP6089 1875 Country lane adjacent to mead Not sure on this stunning looking dandelion green/white long petioles, 5 entire lateral lobes short and recurved. Elegant long narrow bracts. It has sooty ligule teeth. 2nd May - Shipton-on-Cherwell O1. Taraxacum ochrochlorum Very small for a large species SP4809 1652 Grazed flood meadow This looks sheathed at the base so thinking gp trilobata ochrochlorum with these reflexed lobes O2. Taraxacum ? SP4809 1652 Grazed flood meadow If green petioles then croceiflorum O3. Taraxacum valens petioles too pale and end lobe wrong for stenoglossum SP4810 1652 Grazed flood meadow Narrow unwinged purple petioles with large terminal lobe. O5. Taraxacum aequisectum winged and +/- lobed to base SP4809 1651 Grazed flood meadow Long spreading reflexed lobes with large sub-divided terminal lobe O7. Taraxacum alatum SP4812 1659 Grazed flood meadow Long narrow winged petioles and narrow leaves O8. Taraxacum sublaeticolor SP4817 1662 Grazed flood meadow Not really too sure what this is. Lots of it and very purple bracts. O9. Taraxacum lacerifolium Not clear SP4834 1662 Grazed flood meadow Big teeth in inter-lobes 10. Taraxacum incisum SP4845 1671 Grazed flood meadow 11. Taraxacum pannucium SP4845 1671 Tow path 12. Taraxacum atactum SP4843 1676 Tow path 13. Taraxacum obliquilobum Bracts!! SP4843 1676 Tow path Group Ekmania - bracts are spreading, quite narrow and unbordered 14. Taraxacum sublaeticolor SP4837 1678 Bridge wall Thinking this again - green petioles, neat leaves and sooty tips to outer ligules

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